A New Design for the Space Scooter X580

  • Post by  Yosh Hsuen Jul 09, 2012

Why a New Design?

 When we decided to bring the Space Scooter X580 to North America, we decided that the scooter and box needed a new fresh design for the Canadian Market. We believe that North American consumers have different design taste and that the current box and scooter design was not in line with what we felt would be appealing.

Below is how the old deck looked like.

While it sort of had a retro feel to it...we didn't believe it was in line with the quality of the actual scooter...at least for 2012. Also, we found that the scooter was fun to ride for people of all ages and not just kids. So the design would have to strike a balance in appealing to an 8 year old to an adult.

With the clock ticking, we had tasked our designer and off he went. 

The Logo

First of all we needed a Logo. Here are some of the concept designs we looked at.

The Deck

We liked the the red and blue one at the top and then it was on to deck designs.


After much discussion and debate we ended up going from the old deck


and choosing this one.

We hope that in the future we will be able to offer our riders the ability to purchase a custom grip tape design.

The Stickers on the Scooter also had to be changed and redesigned. Here's what we ended up with.

The Box

The old box looked like this.

and our new box now looks like this

Kudos to our designer, as this wasn't easy at all. Not to mention the very short time frame we had to get the new design to the factory.

So then we finally sent off our designs and crossed our fingers. You can never tell if the actual product will look like in real life once its actually produced. 

Then a few days later the grip tape came back and looked great.

and even better once applied to the deck.

Even the box came out looking great.

And the final product? Well, we were very happy. See for yourself.

That's one sweet looking Scooter!

Look for one in a store near you or buy now online.