Space Scooter at the Beaches Jazz Festival 2012

  • Post by  Yosh Hsuen Jul 30, 2012

 Over this past weekend, we spent every evening showcasing the Space Scooter X580. Our friend Jacky was kind enough to allow us to set up in front of his jewellery store U Design Gallery. Even though the scooter has nothing to do with Jazz, we thought this would be a great opportunity to let the thousands of people who head down to Queen St see our scooter and gauge the reaction.

Jack and Kelly from Vancouver

The highlight for us was meeting Jack and his best friend Kelly from Vancouver Island; who were here in Toronto visiting Jack's Grandmother Doreen. In a matter of minutes these boys picked up on how to ride the space scooter and even figured out a few tricks we had never seen on our scooter. I asked 13 year old Jack "how did you figure out how to hop the curb?" and he replied "We just thought we would try it...and I was nervous at first but then when we tried was easy...kinda like a bunny hop". Check out the YouTube video below to see them in action.


Now we can't wait to see what other tricks these guys come up with! Thanks Jack and Kelly!

The Response

Wow, we were totally blown away at how positive the feedback was!

People of all ages and backgrounds loved the Space Scooter...take a look at the pictures below.






* If any of you that are in these pictures and wished to have your image removed please just let us know.