If you've purchase a Space Scooter it should come in a box like below.


So open the box and take out the Scooter, it will be wrapped in a plastic bag like below.


Remove the plastic bag and you will see your folded Space Scooter X580 like below.


Take off the thin foam protective sleeve covering the folded handle bars.

Also included in the box should be plastic resealable bag with your quick start guide and one allen key like below.


Put this key to the side as you will need it later to set the hand brake in place.

Now open the silver quick release level as shown below.


Looking straight down at the steering column you will notice that there is sticker with step by step instructions on the side facing up as seen below.


This is actually the side of the steering tube that should be facing back once the tube is raised upright for riding. In order to twist the tube so it is facing the correct way you need to first push the A button as shown below,


Push the button with your right hand while grasping the steering column / tube with  your left hand and raising it up around 45 degrees.


At around 45 degrees you will be able to spin the steering column 180 degrees so that the instructions sticker now facing down or back like below.


Now continue to raise / lift the steering tube to the upright position until you here it click in place.

It should now look like below.


Now close the silver quick release lever on the other side to add further stability to the steering tube as seen below.

1.   2.     

you can also adjust the knob on the other side as necessary as seen below.


then finally closed it like the picture below


Handle Bars

Ok now lets set up the handle bars. Below is how they should look when you begin.


First, open the black quick release lever on top as seen below.

1.    2. 

Now lift up one side of the handle bars 

1.     2. 

and press the brass coloured buttons and slide the handlebars inwards until the buttons appear in corresponding holes in the T bar as seen below.

1.   2. 

Now do the other side of the handle bars until it looks like below.


Then close the black quick release lever on top of the handle bars to further secure them in place as seen below.

1.    2. 

Next, adjust the height of the handle bars by finding the silver quick release lever on the steering tube and opening it as below.

1.   2.   


then find the brass coloured button the steering tube and press it, then pull up or pull down on the steering column until the brass button can be seen in the appropriate hole for the desired height.

1.   2. 

now close the silver quick release lever to further stabilize the steering tube height as seen below.

1.   2.  

Remember the allen key that was in the resealable plastic bag with the quick start guide? Ok now you will need it. 

When you look at the hand brake you will see that it is loose on the handle bars. This is so you can set it where it is most comfortable for you.

Once you have the brakes in the position you want, use the allen key provided to tighten the brake handle to the desired location as seen below.

1.   2.  

And now with deck  flat the scooter can be ridden in traditional kick / push mode.