Toy Report 2014 - Canadian Toy Testing Council

  • Post by  Yosh Hsuen Nov 06, 2013

We are happy to announce that the Space Scooter was awarded 3 stars by the Canadian Toy Testing Council and won a top ten place under the Children's Choice Awards.

the review from their toy report was as a follows:


Cool ride, dude! This innovative scooter can be ridden like a regular kick  scooter or propelled forward by an up and down teeter/totter motion. Our pre-tween and tween testers got a kick out of the sleek and sturdy design (including hand break, kick stand, and a great grip pad on the base). They liked how easy it was to learn how to use it and were soon zooming around and able to keep up with their family on bikes. Families appreciated that the scooter is adjustable to different heights, is collapsible for easy storage and portability, and encourages active outdoor play. Safety is paramount, so families are encouraged to follow all instructions, have children wear appropriate safety gear, and keep the scooter lubricated. Maximum weight is 90 kg. Said one appreciative tester, “This scooter is way cool!”