About Us

Who We Are

We stock the latest and most popular scooters, We created our Brand "Space Scooter".   Registering Trademarks in Canada.

We take pride in bringing to Canada a quality product that the whole family can enjoy. 

We also pride ourselves with a great range of Custom Scooters which are professionally built from scratch by our In-Store Scooter Technician. 

We only supply products which we have tried and tested ourselves so that you are sure of a high quality scooter or component that will never let you down.



Our Objective

Easy to learn to ride, the space scooter is also great exercise. Whether you want to just enjoy the outdoors or burn a few calories, we know you will have fun riding this scooter.

In this day and age, between video games, computers/the internet, and cell phones...people of all ages are less physically active than ever before. Those of us who grew up during the 80s recall growing up and playing outside. We recall with fondness riding toys like the Big Wheel and the Green Machine. Iconic toys like these are strongly ingrained in our childhood memories as they were part of the experience of playing outside. Our belief is that the Space Scooter could become one of these icons.

The goal of our company is that we hope the Space Scooter and all our products will help kids and adults enjoy being outside again and increase their overall health through fun physical activity.

We are confident that Space Scooter will become popular in Canada


Why Space Scooter?

The Space Scooter X580 is the evolution of the kick scooter giving the user the choice between traditional Kick mode and the Space Scooter Riding mode. 

The Space Scooter is a zero carbon emissions piece of transportation. For short distances and urban travel, the space scooter is perfect for your transportation needs.

From a safety standpoint, this scooter has also undergone rigorous testing and certifications to ensure product safety requirements are met.

If you are a retailer and are interested in the Space Scooter please contact us at info@spacescooter.ca


Product Information / Specifications

Space Scooter a hybrid scooter you can ride two ways: It is not a Hoverboard. It carry no Battery.  One foot pushing off the ground like a traditional kick scooter or with both feet on the deck, riding back and forth to engage the drive chain and propel the scooter like a bicycle!

Designers in Canada —people who know their two-wheeled transportation—named it the "Space Scooter" because it gives the rider the sensation of walking in space. The Scooter X580 is perfect for energetic riders who want to get there faster—and in serious style.

  • The original hybrid scooter design - non-electric
  • Handbrake on rear wheel for a safer ride
  • Holds up to 90kg or 200lbs
  • Folds for convenient transportation and easy storage
  • Designed in North America 
  • Encourages fitness through fun
  • Main materials are steel and aluminum
  • Features two 8" PU wheels
  • Super-silent, dual-mode drive system
  • Deck can be locked in place to ride in kick mode only.
Our Logo, Package, Videos, are all made in CANADA and it is made by Canadians. Our companies are located in Toronto Canada.  


Space Scooter